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A guide to conducting the alcometer test

2022/08/27 By hqt
alcometer test

What is meant by the alcometer test?

An alcometer test is used to gauge a liquid's alcohol concentration. A hydrometer or an alcoholmeter are other names for it. In addition to being often employed by law enforcement to check for drunk driving, they are also frequently utilized by the food and beverage industry to check items for alcohol content. Alcometer measure the alcohol content in a sample of breath. The amount of alcohol in a liquid can be calculated by measuring its density. The test is conducted based on the idea that alcohol and water have different densities.

How is the alcometer test conducted?

To determine how much alcohol is in your system, an alcometer test, a small, portable gadget, is utilized. Results are immediately available, and the test is quick and straightforward to administer. To do this, inhale deeply and let all your air out into the device. After that, the device will provide a reading of your blood alcohol level (BAC). The test is conducted based on the idea that alcohol and water have different densities. The amount of alcohol in a liquid can be calculated by measuring its thickness. The Alcometer test is a quick and easy way to check your blood alcohol level (BAC). It is simply done by counting the amount of alcohol in your breath. It can be the start of seeking assistance and preserving your life. 

What are the workings of an alcometer function?

  • The user must breathe into the alcohol meter for about 5 seconds to collect a breathalyzer sample. The deeper lung region, where accurate readings of Breath AC can be acquired, must supply the air volume needed to perform a 5-second blow. Effective breath capture is a feature of high-quality alcohol breathalyzers, which means that the instrument requires a specific volume of air and alcohol to collect the sample.

  • The breathalyzer will not offer measurement if the quantity is insufficient and will advise the user to try again. It is based on the idea that a potassium dichromate solution changes colour when alcohol is present. The breathalyzer photocells assess the colour change in the alcohol-containing sample and generate an electric current that enables the operator to calculate the subject's blood alcohol content (BAC).

How soon after drinking is it still possible to pass a breath test?

You need to wait an hour between drinks because your liver can only handle one drink per hour on average. If you drink at 9 p.m., wait until 10 p.m. to have another one, or you risk being intoxicated as your body stores the extra. Alcohol stays in your system for longer when you drink more. A breathalyzer test frequently detects alcohol up to twelve hours after a single alcoholic drink has been consumed. Alcohol can still be seen in a typical urine sample 12 to 48 hours later. If you have a BAC of.08, it can take five hours to metabolize the alcohol and become sober.

Why is driving after drinking so dangerous?

Drunk drivers pose a massive threat on roads, but there are ways to avoid getting behind the wheel when you've had too much to drink. You should never drink and drive if you've had too much to drink because it could lead to death or severe injury. People who drink often forget things like where they parked their car or what they would do later. To avoid these mistakes, you should never drive if you have been drinking. To understand what causes accidents due to drinking and driving, we must first understand the effects of alcohol on the body. The best way to avoid accidents due to overindulging is by keeping track of your blood alcohol level. With an alcometer test, you do not have to worry about whether or not your blood alcohol level is too high. It tells you instantly if you are over the limit, and you will never be caught by surprise again when driving safely while you drink. 

Why utilize an alcometer test?

This little test may be able to save your life or the life of someone close to you. It can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism and prevent accidents and injuries. 

  • Accuracy: 

Using sensor technology, this test calculates blood alcohol content (BAC) from breath samples. To calculate the BAC, fuel cell sensors oxidize the ethanol in the breath sample and generate an electrical current. The majority of BACtrack systems also employ fuel cell sensors. These are the same sensors that are in a breathalyzer used by a police officer.

  • Usefulness:

It is operate with a single button. Alcohol breath testing is made simple and convenient by this function. Turn on this device, then wait for the sensors to warm up before using it. After allowing it to warm up, you only need to blow a powerful, forceful blow into its mouthpiece.

  • Safety: 

To prevent drunk drivers from causing an accident that would harm other drivers or passengers, law enforcement uses this device to check the alcohol level. Similarly, they are used in workplaces to identify on-site alcohol impairment and can thereby considerably lower workplace accidents and safety risks.

  • Speedy Results:

It can instantly tell you your blood alcohol content (BAC). With this equipment, quickly and continuously check your blood alcohol level. Additionally, this test processes your results in about 10 to 15 seconds.


The Alcometer Test might be a valuable tool to determine whether you may have a drinking problem. It is performed using an alcometer, and the user is instructed to blow into the device while holding it in front of their mouth. It is a reliable and precise method of determining BAC. SZEEK goal is to provide quality products and services to our customers. We are the leading provider of producing the alcohol tester in the market. It has been used successfully in many countries around the world. Check our website to see if we have the right product for you!


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